Development of new products is always driven by the goal to create safe and efficient solutions for both dentists and consumers. High tech CAD/CAM procedures are used to develop and manufacture new procedures and concepts. That is why the Remedent products are worldwide recognized for their technological superiority and unique ease-of-application.


GlamSmile, features a unique tray delivery system that allows simple, fast seating of a full arch of high quality, ultra thin veneers, all in one smooth single movement.


Unlike traditional one-veneer-at-a-time placement methodology, proprietary GlamSmile technology makes creating a beautiful smile with veneers a time-saving, comfortable treatment as well for the dentist and the patient.

The high quality GlamSmile veneers provide a fast, painless and affordable cosmetic dental solution for patients with severely stained, misshapen, chipped, misaligned and discolored teeth.

GlamSmile Veneers change lives in only one hour.


Do you have questions about the aesthetics of your teeth? Would you also like to know your options for a stunning smile?


GlamSmile offers personalised advice.
The principle is easy: make an appointment, free of obligation, with one of our Smile Consultants. He/she will assist you from A to Z: an appointment will be made in one of the GlamSmile Studios or with one of our GlamSmile partner dentists.

After an extensive - but quick! - photo shoot and an exploratory conversation, the dentist will look at your teeth and make an analysis. Armed with that information the dentist will discuss with you your options for life with a radiant new smile.


River 8 is a truly affordable porcelain veneer solution for discolored, damaged, stained or misaligned teeth. This latest porcelain veneers technology is radically transforming cosmetic dentistry worldwide, achieving a whitening result that lasts without bleaching.

River8 veneers come in Smile Boxes for the Dentist, each containing a set of eight veneers to cover the smile zone of almost any upper and lower arch. With a staggering range of 264 veneer options (three different shapes, sizes and shades for the upper teeth, and one shape, two sizes and three shades for the lower teeth), River8 has the largest “Instant Veneer” assortment worldwide to perfectly match the patients' expectations ensuring maximum results for smile customization.

All this in only two short visits thanks to the revolutionary positioning tray, with no pain, no anaesthetic, and no grinding down of healthy tooth structure.

River8 is produced by Remedent and globally distributed by Biotech International who are already active in over 40 countries as market leader in dental and orthopedic surgery implants.

The SmileMe Mirror!

For every dental practice that wants to grow their number of esthetic cases, SmileMe Mirror is the ultimate tool when it comes to discussing these treatments with patients. In only three steps, the SmileMe Mirror guarantees higher case acceptance.

While the Smile Analysis helps users kickstart a conversation about esthetic dentistry, the Smile Simulation visualizes the impact of a treatment and makes patients dream about a new smile.

Last but not least, the treatment pages explain the various possibilities of aesthetic dentistry and make patients feel at ease.

Eventually, all valuable information is transferred seamlessly to dental labs with Template Designer and integrations of 3rd party applications for cloud-sharing.

Being available on both Mac OS and Windows, this software fits in every practice.