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Remedent Inc. serves consumers and the dental community with unique porcelain veneer, teeth whitening, sensitivity and oral hygiene products that are recognized worldwide for their technological superiority and unique ease-of-application.


Headquartered in Belgium, Remedent Inc. manufactures, markets and distributes its products and concepts to more than 35 countries worldwide.


Our Activities

Remedent Inc. focuses on both markets: B2B, delivering products to the dental professional as well as B2C, helping consumers to obtain their dream smile through its Smile Consultancy Concept.

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First proven in Europe and debuting in the U.S. in 2007, Remedent's leading smile improvement system, GlamSmile, revolutionizes the traditional one-at-a-time method of applying porcelain dental veneers.

GlamSmile involves a proprietary veneer fabrication technique and a patented single-motion veneer placement tray which are both guided by a proprietary computer imaging, design and digital preview system. The unique tray delivery system lets dentists expertly seat 10 ultra-thin, custom veneers in less than an hour while preserving tooth structure. All the features of GlamSmile together -CAD/CAM technology, digital preview for dentists to evaluate the design and a unique full arch tray delivery system used in conjunction with minimally or no preparation ultra thin veneers- have revolutionized the art of veneering and transformed already many smiles and lives across the world.

The technology taps a multi-billion dollar international growth market by making the application of dental veneers less traumatic, costly and time-consuming for patients, as well as substantially easier and more profitable for dentists.
Remedent Inc. sells its GlamSmile veneer concept both to dental professionals in 18 countries through distributors and through a strategic partnership with Den-Mat Holdings LLC to the rest of the world. Den-Mat is well known as the maker of the popular porcelain veneers Lumineers that have been prominently featured in the national media and on top rated TV shows. More than 10,000 dentists in the US alone offer LUMINEERS. Since the partnership, Den-Mat brings the Remedent technology to its customers under the brand name Lumineers by LumiTray.


The latest Remedent development “FirstFit” features a patent-pending system for the creation and placement of dental crowns and bridges. The FirstFit system requires no temporary placements, creates less mouth trauma and takes fewer office visits to complete. With economic benefits for both patients and dentists, the new technology addresses an expanding U.S. market for dental crowns and bridges, and has the potential to change the way modern dentistry is practiced.

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Smile Consultancy Concept

Next to its B2B strategy, Remedent Inc. recently started with a B2C approach based on the Smile Consultancy Concept.

Influenced by the media, Hollywood stars and new trends in the cosmetic industry, many consumers want to improve their smile. They are not particularly looking for a dental treatment but for a comfortable solution to obtain a new smile, a smile solution that should be fast, painless and affordable. GlamSmile is all of that.

GlamSmile’s Smile Consultancy Program aims to help consumers to realize their dream of a beautiful smile through consulting by a Smile Coach. Whilst the concept still works with dentists, the complete sales cycle is taken over by Remedent.

Our approach to market the Smile is predominantly internet based. An intensive campaign aims to generate as much traffic as possible to our website that promotes GlamSmile Whitening, Veneers ànd Free Smile Advice. Visitors can apply for a free Smile Consultation by a Smile Consultant. The latter guides the consumer to the right GlamSmile Studio and to the solution that meets best his or her Smile expectations.

For this Smile Consultancy Program, Remedent sets up close partnerships with dedicated GlamSmile dentists and creates GlamSmile Studios.

Remedent strongly believes in this successful and proven approach and is expanding this B2C concept all over the world.

GlamSmile studio

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GlamSmile Beijing

This is one of the reasons why Remedent Inc. took a partnership in GlamSmile Beijing, that has two important activities:

GlamSmile Clinic
The Beijing GlamSmile Clinic is the place for consumers wanting to change their smile. The Clinic offers a variety of cosmetic dental procedures such as GlamSmile veneers, whitening, invisible braces, crowns, bridges etc. in a luxury and comfortable environment. In one year time, this clinic has proven to be very successfull.

>GlamSmile Laboratory
Founded in January 2009, the Beijing Lab designs and produces veneers for worldwide delivery. The increasing demand makes it the most important production facility for GlamSmile veneers, giving work to 70 people yet.

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